Ah, you have found my little corner of the World Wide Web. Welcome!
First things first here you will find the irc channel stats where I sit and say little but enjoy it
On here you will find things related to Slackware. Thats not to say many things on this site will not work on other Distributions too
Yes its probably boring to look at (this page) but…

You wont find any flashy stuff like flash or frames or anything of that nature, plain good old fashioned HTML is all you will find here. I`m a firm believer (and user of) making sure everything works on text only browsers as well as the monsters like Mozilla. Internet Explorer etc.

What do we have here then, well you can…

A table of Slackware versions and release dates

Download some of my simple scripts

Pick up a few tips on Linux in general

Read some of my rantings and musings about the state of the world and other boring things

View the obligatory links page

You will not find things relating to MS Windows, if you came here looking for information on that then I`m afraid you will need to go elsewhere.